Are you preparing for the ABPI exam?

Our online packages offer a structured path to follow and help you ramp up your ABPI study.

We have these options for you:

ABPI Exam Toolkit eLearning
A self-paced eLearning course with revision tips and tricks, resource recommendations, apps and techniques, and introduces in depth explanations of a subset of topics from the exam. 25 multiple choice questions are spread throughout the course.

 ABPI Mandatory Units 1 to 4 Multiple Choice Questions Quiz Package
230 questions based on the ABPI learning material. The quiz package allows you to complete questions in sections, stop and start at your convenience and return whenever you want. We also include a study guide, with details of the ABPI exam and what to expect.

What's in each course?
Check out the content for each course below.
In the eLearning course, you will learn about the time and preparation required to sit the ABPI exam, and we point you at useful resources to help you revise. The eLearning course also includes 25 original multiple choice questions, in the same format you find in the ABPI exam as well as deep dives into several topics which may be covered in the exam.

How long do the courses take?
As long as you like is the simple answer. You can view one part of the course, or all of it, answering the quiz questions, and following all the great link and resource recommendations.
There's over an hour of video lecture content in the eLearning course which you can pause at any point, to take notes, take the dog out, let the cat in, whatever you might be juggling whilst studying for the ABPI exam. We know how it is for most people, fitting in study around the day job, life and all.

Get some advice...

Feeling overwhelmed or don't know where to start?

If you have just started, haven't started, are feeling overwhelmed, not sure if the eLearning course or practice questions are the right thing for you, then get some advice. Take just 5 minutes and tell us what you think you need. We'll then tell you what could help from our ABPI Exam Toolkit.

What our happy toolkit users say

Read about how the ABPI Exam Toolkit helped them pass

Your toolkit is super

Kerry C

Your toolkit is super and the information in it is exceptional, I honestly couldn't fault it. I have several new reps who are using it to assist their studies. The level of detail it goes into, the explanations make it easy to remember and connect to. Your toolkit gives life to learning and is interactive and enjoyable.

I passed on my first attempt

Kelly B

I wanted to thank you for the Units [in the toolkit]. I passed all 4 mandatory units last week on my first attempt. I found them so useful and they helped immensely with my learning. They're a great way to check "what you actually know" and how to apply your knowledge to the ABPI questioning style. I'm now preparing for my optional units and will be purchasing your learning materials. They are priceless and such an aid to the textbooks.

Units 1 to 4 Multiple Choice Questions

Fiona C-D

I passed my ABPI. Just wanted to thank you for your help. I found the workbook a great help in directing where to start. I'm very grateful. I think the content of your support material is fabulous. I don't know how someone without clinical background would manage without it. Thanks again.

I passsseeeeddd......

Mahnaz D

I passsseeeeddd and now I am a qualified medical rep. Thank you.

Thank you for a great resource

Simrit S

For the first time since studying for the ABPI, I have been able to understand the topics. thank you for a great resource, it has allowed me to finally grasp what had been complex topics.

I'll be sure to recommend your site to friends and colleagues

Nadine G

Thank you very much for your help. I took my compulsory and optional units on Thursday and passed them all :-)) Your practice questions gave me a lot of confidence and helped me focus where my last minute refresher revision should be.