Preparing for Success

Do you want to know how to pass the ABPI exam without feeling overwhelmed or panicking that you're running out of time? No matter where you are in your ABPI exam journey, you can succeed like other ABPI exam candidates before you, with tools that make revising easier and effective.

Go from so-so to rock-solid revision techniques with more than 1 hour of video lecture content, tips, lessons and practice questions.

Course Overview

The course ABPI Exam Toolkit eLearning is a self paced eLearning course for ABPI exam candidates. You may be studying for the Certificate of Achievement in the ABPI Intermediate/ Advanced Professional Programme for Representatives for the first time, or resitting.

The course offers a structured path through tips and tricks to prepare, helps you improve your revision techniques, and introduces in depth explanations of a subset of topics from the exam. There are also 25 practice multiple choice questions built in as part of the lecture topics.

We bring together our experience in coaching students successfully through their revision to pass the exam, since 1996.

You will learn

  • The time and preparation required to sit the ABPI exam
  • A selection of tools and apps available to help you manage time and prepare for the exam
  • Deep dives into a selection of topics that may be covered in the exam
  • To boost your confidence and support your revision techniques

What's in the course?

ABPI Exam toolkit eLearning

    1. Welcome

    2. About this Course

    3. Quick Quiz

    4. Why am I here?

    5. What's in the Course?

    1. Terms and Definitions

    2. Quick question

    3. Prepping for the exam

    4. Quick Quiz

    5. Prep: How long does it take?

    1. Learning techniques and tools

    2. Quick quiz

    3. Before the next lecture, answer this question.

    4. Multiple Choice Questions

    5. Mindmaps

    1. Time Management

    2. A picture's worth...

    1. Code of Practice

    2. Quick quiz

    3. The Code of Practice

    1. Statistics

    2. Quick quiz

    3. More Statistics

    4. Quick quiz

About this course

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  • 44 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

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Building your confidence, with tools, techniques and apps to study your way to success with the ABPI exam.