How long does the ABPI eLearning course take to complete?

There’s more than 1 hour of video lecture content, 25 multiple choice questions, resource links, recommendations, tips and hints. It’s up to you how long you want to take to complete the course, but you might want to set aside at least 2 hours if you want to complete it in one go.

What’s in each course?

Please see the details of our courses here.

Can you send me a VAT invoice?

Please check your email, as a purchase receipt is sent to you when you complete your transaction. You should also be able to see your invoice details in your account. If you need a more detailed statement please get in touch via our contact form.

Are the MCQs in the Quiz Package and Workbooks totally different to ABPI’s mock exam questions, or are they just a carbon copy?

Every MCQ in each Toolkit workbook, eLearning course and quiz package is an original written by me, Dr Marie McKenzie-Mills, based on the ABPI learning materials. If there are any similarities, it’s purely coincidental. (Either that – or great minds think alike, especially after attending a Trainers’ meeting at the ABPI, where we were put through our paces on how to write questions. Besides, I’ve been writing MCQs for more than 20 years.)

Who is the ABPI Exam Toolkit™ perfect for?

The Toolkit is perfect for anyone who’s about to take, planning to take, or resitting the ABPI Exam.

Which units do the multiple choice questions cover?

All of our questions are based on the ABPI learning materials. The ABPI Mandatory units Multiple Choice Questions quiz package has 230 questions based on Units 1 to 4.

The eLearning course has 25 original multiple choice questions based on Units 1 to 4.

How does the ABPI Mandatory Units 1 to 4 Multiple Choice Questions package relate to the ABPI Exam Toolkit MCQ Workbook that you’ve been selling for years?

The interactive quiz package we provide here has the same 230 questions that we offer in our pdf workbook version of our multiple choice questions. If you prefer to have the non interactive PDF version of the Workbook, it works out slightly cheaper than buying the interactive quiz package.

Check out the PDF option here (launches a different storefront).