Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • What's in the course?

  2. 2
    • Prepare your study plan

    • Prepare your mindset

    • Get started: set your goals

    • Take Action

    • Strategies for learning

    • How much does the ABPI Exam cost?

    • What can you expect in the exam?

    • Example Questions

    • What's the pass mark and how do I get awarded a Distinction?

  3. 3
    • Instructions

    • Unit 1.1: ABPI Code of Practice MCQs

    • Instructions & Timing

    • Unit 1.2: NHS Structure and Function MCQs

    • Some additional information

  4. 4
    • Instructions & Timing

    • Unit 2: The human body

    • Instructions & Timing

    • Unit 2 The Circulatory System

    • Instructions & Timing

About the Course

Passing the ABPI Exam isn't just about knowing your subject matter. It's about exam technique.

This course gives you a combined Study Guide and 230 multiple choice questions. We show you how to cut the ABPI Exam syllabus down to size, and you can practice answering multiple choice questions (MCQs) at your own pace.

The study guide includes tips, hints, resources followed by 230 MCQs on Units 1 - 4 designed to boost your exam confidence. (The actual exam has 155 MCQs.)

For all candidates of the accredited UK ABPI Exam

With 230 multiple choice questions or MCQs (and answers), test your knowledge, recall and understanding of:

  • Unit 1 Code of Practice and NHS (updated for 2021 Code)
  • Unit 2 Human body systems (part 1)
  • Unit 3 Human body systems (part 2)
  • Unit 4 Development and use of medicines

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